Screw Balance.

As I sit here in unkempt hair, tie-dyed yoga pants and a "partying is my cardio" tank a million to-dos run through my head. "Send client packages. Go to the bank. Schedule meetings. And for crying out loud update your website!". As business owners all know when we worked for someone else time never seemed to go by fast enough but as we are our own bosses there are NEVER enough hours in the day. Ever. Typically, somethings got to give. Balance? Pstttt. I've thrown that notion far out the window in the past year and instead of trying to have it all do it all freaking BE it all, I've instead learned to prioritize, which means sacrifice. But not of the bad kind. When growing business here my priorities were simple: get clients. Make mooonayyyyyyy. Man, I miss Honeybooboo. Quickly, and thankfully, photography took off and I became inundated with wedding ideas + blog posts + edits + updated 24/7. I ditched any health goals, stay up late working deep into the night, skipped lunch and took my pups on less walks. I'd sadly even skip reading my Bible. This routine became my norm so much so that my husband would come home from work at 6pm, lay at the top of the stairs and peer into my office, asking "when are you going to be off work?" or on weekends "is your boss going to let you have a day off today?". Nope, she's a real B, I'd proclaim, explaining how important it was for someone who once struggled like me to maintain an online presence. He'd sigh and make plans to go golf while I'd put in effort yet still never succeed to tick everything off my to-do list. Then one day, it hit me. The house is always going to be messy, my inbox will always ding and new ideas will FOREVER flood my mind. That's life of being an entrepreneur. I've learned to embrace it but not let it rule me. I was not born to work 12 hour days on the reg, and I CERTAINLY was not put in Hawai'i to stare at a computer screen. Gradually I found myself making more conscious decisions to take back my life while still growing into a prosperous photographer. To ask for help when I need it. To hire someone to  vacuum the carpets and scrub the mirrors when I have a lot on my plate (man, do you know how good THAT feels?) and to put my health above all else and hit up 6am yoga because it soothes me. Hot yoga is relaxing to me. Don't hate. Yes, I am my brand, but I am not made by the success or failure of my business. It does not rule me. There's a very fine line between working hard for a life you love and working your life away. As hungry, ambitious entrepreneurs we can quickly become blind sighted, seeing in tunnel vision. Live your life, dammit. And if it means commenting on blogs a little less, or skipping networking meetings to go to dinner with your husband, by all means make it happen, and order up a margarita while you're at it. After all, it's the freedom to enjoy our lives that we are working so hard for, right? So live em! (All this coming from a girl who has about 5 new ideas and projects in the works....hahah!). I finish this post my husband, who has not been home for over a month just laid down in my office door and without a word gave me "the look". I know what that means and I will accept it, time for an Aloha Friday, y'all!