Season of Delight.

Over here at the beginning of March it feels like it could perhaps be the starts of a new year rolling around instead of the end of a Hawaiian rainy season. I've got a (somewhat) organized master 'To-Do" list running, storybook sketches marked with coffee stains detailing the work left to knock out on a fabulous new client experience, a fresh prayer journal that when Marshall waltzed me through Target to pick directed me to the spiral notebooks (what is this, third grade Boo?!?!) left him scoffing at my choice of Moleskin "twenty-two DOLLARS??!?!".  "But see I have a system..." I didn't expect him to understand the nuances of my working brain, the same ones that require the dishwasher to be perfectly systematic before starting. A solid weight training schedule for the week is noted and my work out for the day is complete...okay fine, I am in workout clothes, I will go when I am done with this! PRIORITIES, people!  And while I am hoping I don't have to temporarily instagram block the friends of mine that are running around the MGM Grand attending this year's Wedding Photographer's Expo in Vegas, I enter this week full of excitement, possibility, and gratefulness that I decided to skip out on the possible fun and stay hunkered down in my brightly lit office. I can't make this the year of the Ashley without putting in the work, right? Right. This is the season of my own personal wonder, delight, creativity, and putting dreams in motion-with the year's most impeccable wedding couples to boot.

Florals by Passion Roots for Orchestrated Style Shoots.