Season of quiet

Hard to believe, I'm sure, but often times I treasure simple moments of quiet. If I'm with friends for extended periods of time or am away on a trip with a group of people where I need to socialize a lot, I sometimes find myself exhausted, aching for a few quiet minutes of solitude. Yes. I know. ME! NEEDING QUIET. When my voice alone is the exact antithesis! I totally had to google spellcheck that. All I need are just a few moments to recharge, be to myself, and gather my thoughts and I am back to da biznass. That's how my husband and I say "business". Does this make me a secret introvert? Meh. If it means wine and netflix cuddle in the corner of the sofa on the reg binge watching OITNB I can take it. It's been a season of my dreams being realized, prayers being answered, and the behind-the-scenes hard work that it takes to make it all happen. My head's been down, my eyes have been on clients, arms wrapped around my husband, when I get a chance feet in the Hawai'ian sand, and my ears have been turned to the Lord, choosing to let everything else softly fade into the background. I've had my repose, purchased a few new toys in that meantime, have been published in print and had to be picked up off the floor.  Pop the top, this chick is refreshed + ready to parrrrtayyyyyy.  :)