Different Lighting Scenarios: A Visual

When I first started photography I had a general concept of light and could "see" how it effected the things around me, but wasn't sure how to harness the effects of lighting into my images in camera, or moreso how to control the scenario during a shoot.  It was a while before I connected the dots.  Through lots of trial and error, lessons from professionals, and simply being more aware of my surroundings, I've honed my eyes to pick up good lighting and trained myself to be comfortable shooting in any scenario rather than shooting somewhere and then cussing in photoshop when I look at the photos and see under eye shadows later.  After thinking about the idea given in part 1 of the LIGHT video, I've realized how important to me it is to be aware of lighting conditions before hand so I can focus moreso on couples and treating them to a fabulous experience rather than adjusting every so often to accommodate and making it seem like it's all about the location and lighting. Through doing these 30 Day Vlog Challenge videos, lighting and it's effects have been more apparent than ever  so I figured what better way to show differences in light than in VIDEO?!!? So here are some real life examples, married couple antics, and lessons learned (I was wearing sunglasses in the bright sun and apparently underestimated my LCD screen.  You can literally HEAR my mistakes as I "click click click" past my correct exposure and blow some frames out).  The LCD is a great learning tool...when you're paying attention.  ;)


I give you a visual in differences in lighting scenarios, starring my husband (not to be confused with "Subject")  Marshall Woods and his many accents.  He pretennnddsss he wasn't having fun walking around the neighborhood all evening, but he was.  ;)  I'm sure of it.

He makes me laugh. It's long, but it's got some giggles.