[Proposal] Shawn + Bridget

He planned it out exquisitely, every last detail, right down to the perfect hiding place of the sparkly blue-boxed ring.  "She has no idea" he said, fairly certain that his soon-to-be fiance wasn't at all expecting his upcoming proposal.  "She isn't expecting it anywhere cliche...knowing her, she will probably hit me [when I ask]" (not a smack he assured, more of middle school love tap!).  With the excitement of graduation, Bridget's birthday, and buying a house (where their friends expected an engagement) it has been a busy summer for the two of them.   So while vacationing from Houston to Ko'Olina sharing a week's worth of well deserved quality time on an island they both enjoy, Shawn presented Bridget with sunset and dinner reservations, and as he (nervously!) walked the soft grassy lawn by the Marriott Beach Club, I went undercover, awaiting the moment she said yes. With the warm sun hovering low on the horizon, Shawn truly shocked Bridget by getting down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage.  She sweetly nodded, eyes glistening with joy.  And just as he predicted--she hit him.  ;)  Twice, really, another one after he pointed out the hired photographer hiding behind the coconut tree.  ;)  Before they galavanted off to dinner + to spread the news to friends and family, I happily captured a few images of their first moments together as they blissfully realized they each now had a fiance.  "Fiance.  That's RIGHT!  You're my fiance!"  Bridget squealed in delight, unable to peel her eyes away from her beautifully adorned left hand.

Congratulations Shawn + Bridget!  A true pleasure (and teary moment for me!) being a witness to the beautiful start of your lives together.  You guys are freakin' awesome together, clearly happily in love love love.  Seeing your genuine smiles and excitement makes my heart pitter patter.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!  xo