Shoot Every Day | What Are You Afraid Of?

A shoot brought me out to Lanikai, one of my favorite beaches on the island, and since I was there, I figured why not take advantage of the opportunity and put my bikini on, pick up a friend, and hit the surf.  I would have added fish tacos to the list had he been open!  What the heck Shrimp Shack? Way to smash my dreams! Post shoot, Marissa and I lounged on Bellow's beach, talking business, life, ideas, wishes, dreams, fears, and to-do lists, seemingly all in one breath.  Nothing new. Somewhere in between her new website plans and my new workout routine, we hopped in the ocean for a swim.  The water was chilly and a dark, gray sky was brewing a storm and although it didn't stop us, it  made me shudder.  Unable to turn my back on the ocean and take my eyes from the waves it was evident my uneasiness with the ocean (that was NOT helped when I unknowingly jumped into the sea during a late night TSUNAMI WARNING!  Mom, please don't yell) had not subsided.  I jumped as each wave rolled over me and literally heard my heart skip a beat when I thought a large swell was headed our way.

"Well, what is it that you're afraid of?  You have to know what you're afraid of to overcome it." Marissa matter-of-factly pointed out.  And really, I wasn't so sure.  So I thought about it.  And despite the years worth of reoccurring dreams of tidal waves (which symbolize being overwhelmed, I hear...but I think this is where my ocean skepticism started), I would guess that my experience as a niave swimmer at Makapu'u sealed the deal.  I respect the ocean.  I have experienced it's strength, and know it's unpredictability.  I know it can be forceful.  For some reason it's hard to admit, but I am afraid I may not be strong enough when I need to be and I may panic and drown.  But I live in Hawai'i for crying out loud, and want so badly to go out further, swim deeper, and enjoy the beautiful water.  So, I've just got to get stronger.  Or take a noodle out if I'm unsure.


Some beach walk shots from the day, since Marissa and I were gabbing too much for me to remember my camera at the beach.  ;)