Shoot Everyday | A Challenge.

For some time I have lamented over the fact that my old Flickr photos have some sort of something to them (WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! Don't go digging around too much in there, there's some "oh no she di'int" edits abound!).  You know, that je ne sais quoi. Although I am so proud to have upped my technical skill and experience levels as a photographer tremendously since posting on Flickr, I am envious of the girl who would once shoot every day, for fun, and create interesting viewpoints from ordinary days.  I'm sure it's a desire most creatives have, the "you are your own worst critic" syndrome, I really miss pulling my camera out and shooting personally.  I miss walking down the street with eyes wide open, seeing things from a camera's viewfinder.  Oh my gosh that sounded ridiculous. AM I DEEP and HIPSTER now?  Whatever.  SO, I am taking a nudge from the push that both the 30 Day Vlog Challenge and my 40 Days of Personal Revolution gave me and deciding to shoot every day.  For thirty days.  Not with my iphone, but with my digital camera.  To challenge myself to find beauty in the ordinary again.  To get deep in my head.  And really, to just see what comes up.  I'll be shooting every day, even if I never leave my house in my glasses and yoga pants, and posting new images every day.  Starting tomorrow, August 29th, to September 29th.  And if you feel like your creativity to could a boast, you could use some practice, or you just want to document life, feel free to join!  No rules, just shoot and post and wait to see what happens.    "[ it could be] ... natural....yeah, a natural f*****g disaster!"-Momma June.  HAHAHA. I plan to shoot with anything BUT my iphone, but you can do whatever suits you best.  I would encourage using your professional camera ;), but whatever you think you will get the most out of works!

Time to dust these babies off!