Shoot Everyday | Passion Roots, Beautiful O'ahu Florist!

Even when I find myself saying WHY OH WHYYYY did I decide to SHOOT EVERY DAY FOR THIRTY DAYS, and then BLOG IT, and then convince other people to therefore keeping me ACCOUNTABLE, I am thankful to be shooting every day, and this week, like not just from out my office window, or of my dogs, or my jewelry, but of, like, real shoots.  ;)  Like like like.  I get so valley girl sometimes, it drives me crazy.  TALK LIKE AN ADULT, ASHLEY.  (I'm not yelling in all caps, that's just emphasis) When I met Shilhi, the owner of Passion Roots here in O'ahu, she had the brightest, fiercest energy, I couldn't help but immediately admire her.  And her to die for lush blossom designs and collection of vintage trinkets don't help my obsession.  Luckily I had the opportunity to scavenge view her styling collections and photograph them for her upcoming work with the Wedding Cafe.  I will be the first to say that as much as I love details (kinda like a wedding!) I am no stylist and and not well-versed in more "commercial" photography, but Shilhi encouraged my creativity and it was a FABULOUS challenge in coming up with new ideas and styling pieces to best compliment each other, very similar to a wedding day! I am rather excited with what I came up with if I do say so myself...  See, it all comes full circle!

Here's one of my favorites from the day for the "Shoot Everyday Blog Challenge" I started up and am quickly second guessing. ;)   Her milk glass collection is insane!  When I saw that palette in the driveway I knew I had to use it for some of the images, so I got my workout in and hauled it up the stairs myself.  That's the Becky Goodwin in me for you.

Check out Passion Roots, Shilhi is so talented, generous and hardworking it's insane!  You won't be disappointed.