Simple + Earthy Packaging Inspiration

Feels like it's been forever that I have been scouring the internet in search of packaging inspiration that suited me. Ideas layered upon ideas, I felt there were lots of pretty options out there but none of them really shouted 'ASHLEY'! Archival wooden boxes are beautiful, and I wish I was as elegant as the 'fine art film' look of linen gently tied with silk ribbon but none of these elements quite reflect my own personal bright, eclectic and feminine style with a bit of edge. Not to mention insanely expensive. And just when it felt like I couldn't call one one more company and to hear an outrageous quote, or search pinterest for 'photography packaging ideas' I finally FINALLY came up with my own (and a year later found someone to make it happen). In my search I sourced lots of great things other photographers were doing, but I wanted something different. Something of my own devices that I hadn't really seen. So instead of looking towards the industry I was in I let my mind venture and took note of what inspired me in fashion. I know that it feels so good to hold a solidly made product in your hands with the prettiest details, gift wrapped so nice that you hardly even want to open it. That the quality of paper and mixture of textures has a subconscious impact and even the most insignificant of detailing can make all the difference. In my online search unique and 'un-photography' related business packaging was hard to come by but I found myself most inspired by the lighthearted and fun boxes in retail (in particular monthly subscription boxes!). Soon I will unveil my own, but for now here are some fun ideas I uncovered while perusing, best suited for a clean, organic and downright hipster style:

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1.  I love the idea of individually labeling items with simple wraps and including a small local goodie or jam.

2. Using a rubber stamp to detail a wooden box with your logo makes it custom for a pocket-friendly price. Add a ribbon with a sweet tag and boom! Gorg.

3.  Instead of a $75 box just for the album how about wrap it up pretty with a custom tag, instead? Makes it feel more like a gift, dontcha think?

4 + 5: Inspired by clever monthly subscription boxes simple can be fabulous. Consider adding some pattern paper to make it feel more complete and good-to-go.

6. Custom made proof boxes from HHBoogie feel like treasures from the past.

If you're looking for ideas outside the realm of Pinterest, check out, full of cool, quirky branding and clean, cutting edge graphic design and packaging. Also consider taking a nod from some of your personal favorite brands! I did!