Sleepin' on the job

Wandering the streets of Chiang Mai this past September (+ the year before that) I noticed a consistency within shop owners. One that was proud and disciplined in their business, setting up elaborate makeshift storefronts every day, and even more entertaining was their fearlessness to straight up nap. Guess it's the Thai version of a siesta and one I fully intend to put into play at Ashley Goodwin Photography - just not in dimly lit corner of a reception or anything... I hereby present to you one of my most favorite series to date: Sleeping on the Job.

Yes, he is a temple dog, stray pups they keep around that they believe ward off bad spirits from the temples. And yes, he is sleeping during duty.

Yep. That's a baby. Chillen.

By the looks of the workers I found snoozing around corners, looks like this temple ain't getting' revamped anytime soon.

Hmmm. I hope he's just cozy in front of the fan and not, well, dead.