Slow Down

When it comes to shooting film, it asks of things that seem foreign to this digital age.  Like to meter for the light.  And curate every one of the 16 shots.  And not let tons of light flood the lens.  And most importantly and oddly the hardest to do, take a breath and slowwwww downnnnn.  It's funny really, all the things that incorporating film is teaching me as I learn to shoot a new medium, step out  of my comfort zone and embrace the style  I love.  I've had to rethink my shooting altogether (not as much fast-paced clickclickclick!), workflow (send them off to be developed?), blogging (hence the lag time--I am learning that my favorite images from shoots tend to be the film ones, so I am reorganizing the blog workflow to compensate for scanning time) and my thought process.  Last Friday evening I shot a session all in film and it just worked.  Marissa kept saying to me "That was quick!" and it was, because instead of 15 photos of the same pose I take my time, get it right, and shoot one.  Such a novel idea, isn't it?  Taking the time to slow down and take ONE image, making it the very best it can be? I love that film is getting me out of my head, out of the worry of "but I need to post something".  What I NEED to do is take a moment, relax, and shoot + share what how I want--and that's usually images from my Contax.  BE READY TO BE BOMBARDED WITH FILM POSTS YA'LL!  ;)

An ocean canoe I spotted on our way to Lanikai.  After we drove by I knew I would regret not shooting those gorgeous colors so I requested Marshall bust a u-turn as I scrambled to photograph the iconic symbol of a Hawai'ian tradition.