Small interior design tips that make a huge difference.

Interior design will also be apart of my soul just like nachos, the compulsion to buy shoes, and bright, sparkly things. When I heard Jeff Lewis on "Interior Therapy" protest the other night that his client had "been doing everything wrong, that's why he was there" I almost needed therapy myself!  GASPPPPPPP!  WRONG?!?!  There's no such this as WRONG! As a girl who encourages everyone to defy the standards and break the rules I will, however, say there are a few tidbits to adding the finishing touches to a home that seem to often go overlooked.  Here are some of my thoughts on common "mistakes" and how being in "the know" can make a world of difference.  And, just for the record, you CAN mix silver and gold! Why?  Because I said so! PS:  there's a man party (not as fun as it sounds) going on in my living room, hence the LOUD NOISES!