Wedded Wednesday: South Pacific.

Yeah yeah, I know, I moved to Hawaii.  I'm inspired by my surroundings. You got it.  But, more important than my move to O'ahu is that I'm still a Southern girl, and reckon I will always be.  Accent and all.  I've found a place on the North Shore that cooks up biscuits and gravy and did a little dance when I saw my favorite sweet tea vodka on the grocery shelves.  Things I just couldn't give up with my new island lifestyle. Inspired by my roots, I got to thinking.  So many people come to the islands and get married, do the whole "traditional" thing with lei's and hula, the whole shibang.  Tons of Southerners, even!  So why not mix it up?  Incorporate the islands here, without giving up the Dixie Land delights?  The best of BOTH worlds: a wedding that honors the beautiful culture here but is a nod to deep south traditions.  Because nothing is better than some good ole' southern hospitality!  Being the girl who loves it all, I couldn't resist coming up with a design board of ideas for a wedding in these southern parts, sug'gah:




the Dress: Belles love their lace!  Instead of the traditional lace gown, why not something softer and vintage style like an Anna Campbell gown? Light and airy for the beach, but gorgeous with some jewelry and heels.  Plus, I'd bet it packs great!

the Bridesmaids: Girls in Charleston are always putting their bridesmaids in something unique and casual, fitting the time of year.  (Think Cardigans or skirts, even!).  Take a spin on that and go "beach chic" with a dip-dyed cotton gown.  Your girls will love you.

the Location: Who needs a barn and a backyard when you've got a jungle?!?! Do something different and take advantage of the scenery.  You won't need many flowers or decorations in these lush settings!  Add some colorful rattan chairs, kind of like a good wing back, and serve tea and cucumber sandwiches!

the Flowers: Don't be afraid to mix up beautiful, open peonies with larger palm leaves.  The combo will be stunning and tie in the two cultural aspects.  And you've gotta wear a lei! It's a symbol of celebration in Hawaii!  Instead of greenery or plumerias, use an unexpected full bloom (maybe even mixed with succulents) as a headpiece, lei, or anklets! This baby's breath lei from Style Me Pretty is perfection! Remember, a flower behind the right ear means you're single, left means you're married.  Add in some planters as ceremony markers for the regal, plantation feel but give them an unexpected twist with local flowers like a succulent or bird of paradise.  Great as ceremony markers!

the Cake: In case you were wondering, majority of the islands are super low-key.  Not the shiny reflection of Waikiki, and certainly not spic-n-span glam.  That's what makes them amazing.  The easy-going lifestyle.  The vibe!  Consider something beautiful but also a bit "deconstructed".  Maybe with some of your signature florals in the mix.

the Venue: Where else can you get a plantation ON THE BEACH?!?!  You can have your cake and eat it too with the Moana Surfrider hotel.  Situated in Waikiki, this spacious hotel gives you the hospitality of North Carolina with all the island amenities in tow.  A gorgeous pool, palm trees, and an amazing Ocean/Sunset/Diamond Head view.  There are even rocking chairs covering the back porch!  (And by porch, I mean wrap-around lanai).  What more could a girl ask for?  Now all you need is a mint julep.  With some pineapple. Signature drink idea!!!!  Tah-dahhhhh.


All images via Pinterest.