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There's a story that often gets told around my Mommalou's Sunday Supper, one that ends in me getting prodded at and teased by my Uncles.  Rumor has it that on the way home from a shopping trip in Richmond, Virginia when I 5 or 6 my Uncle Ebbie and my Mommalou stopped at the Cumberland County General Store for some snacks.  Anyone who has ventured through the blink of an eye Cumberland knows of store and all its golden road trip necessities, so it's no surprise that when my Uncle asked me if I wanted anything, I quickly decided on a sugary stick of cotton candy.  He agreed on the treat, but under the condition that I wait until I get home to eat it.  I promised my sincerest yes and happily accepted the fluffy pink dessert.  A few miles down the road it's been said that Eddie peeked into the back seat to find me enjoying my sticky cotton candy despite our agreement.  When confronted about blatantly ignoring our arrangement, Ebbie demanded "Ashley!  I thought you said you'd wait until you got home to eat your candy!" My response?

"I channngggeeeeeddddddd my minndddddd."

That story won me the family title of Most Determined Child and still holds true today.

To Marshall's elatedness, that's how I currently feel about our house duds.  Quick to go from loving all things soft and glam to craving bold and vivid color, I am always adoring something new and getting the wild hair to mix-it-up.  That's what I loved about being an Interior Designer--being about to surround myself and create colorful and creative of-the-moment designs and change my aesthetic at the blink of an eye.  There are some things that will always be the core of me, like my love for layering patterns and textures, shiny gold, and going white head-to-toe, but right now I am dying to ditch the abundance of chevron and watermelon pinks in our home and incorporate a more subtle mix of blush, gray, sage, and of course, a good inky black.  Marshall has got to be thanking the high heavens right about now.  Kelly Wearstler style may seem crazy to some, but I think she is genius, and I'd love to add a little bit of her 1980's outrageous flair to our current home decor.


Right now I'm inspired by:


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