Making friends as an adult | the Modern, Waikiki

"What do you meannn you won't go ask if they're foreign? You'd probably talk to all the people in here!" It was a game of "guess who's vacationing and who's local" at a swanky lounge in Waikiki, and while it was true, I would have struck up conversation with anyone in the place (I am the girl who's friends think she's gone missing when she leaves to go to the restroom and gets caught up in line talking to other girls all night), that's the easy part.  It's making genuine connections with similar people that's tough.  When you're an adult, in a new place, with no one that you know, too old to make friends with your neighbor with the purple Huffy with handlebar streamers and no longer in college and forced into social situations, finding lasting, meaningful friends can be daunting.  And I'm not just talking internet friends, people.  And let's be honest, just straight up asking "Hi!  Would you like to be my friend?" is creeeepppyyyy.  I say this because I've done it.  Gave the girl at the rental car place my business card.  TO BE MY FRIEND.  And you haven't heard me talk about my friend who rents cars, have you?  Exactly.  Good friends to laugh with, converse, motivate, share stories and toast cocktails with are what make the world go 'round, and making them in a new city is scary!  Luckily I have used every resource I have in converting internet friends into real walking talking ones and trying to connect with local creatives who aren't just "in the business" that I admire, but people who I see myself hanging out with sans work.  Fortunately the veil of business and photography has given me that opportunity to reach out to people I would love to get to know more under the pretense of "creativity", i.e. "Let's be friends".  ;)

Alyssa Turner is one of those friends, and I am thankful that through Creative Live and me vocalizing my move to Hawai'i that we were able to get in touch with each other and start a lasting friendship.  Together we set ourselves up with a date night and watched Friday Night Fireworks at the Hilton from my favorite spot in Waikiki, poolside cabanas at the Sunrise Pool at the Modern.  Sparks flew.  ;)


via my iphone.  In the midst of wobbling out the house in my new heels (honey, I haven't worn heels don't know when! HAWAI'I!!!) I forgot my camera!  Wamp wamp.