Stairway to Heaven take 2.

This past memorial day (yes, that long ago), Marshall presented the idea of tackling the infamous Haiku Stairs aka Stairway to Heaven again. So we did.

Along with some of his work friends and Marissa, Eddie, and Alyssa, we woke up early as all heck and beat the guard to the entrance.  Beyond prepared for torturous weather this time (I had a backpack full of foil blankets and snacks!), we lucked out with an amazing clear morning and were able to see what we missed the first time we made it to the summit.  I didn't need to use my survival kit and everyone thought I was crazy for bringing it.  I knew better.  We huffed and we puffed and we conquered the 4,000 stairs up the Koo'lau Ridge.

If I can get to the top and over this mountain range, twice, I can do anything, dammit.  Just please, no one ask us to go again for a while.  I think I pulled a groin muscle.


Shots from the Haiku Stairs via my Iphone.  Whatta trip!