"Step away from the computer..."

"Step away from the computer Sarah, step away from the computer." I've ignored this voice in my head for hours upon hours, trying to suppress it so I can continue with my current obsessive behavior. "Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to CreativeLive today" (okay okay, the internet - everyday-but that's another blog post). I have a million and one things to do today but I find myself sucked into the CreativeLive workshop that is freely streaming across my computer screen as we speak...

1. Because my awesome and insanely talented sister Ashley - the other half of Goodwin Girls - is RIGHT THERE LIVE IN THE SAME ROOM NEXT TO JASMINE STAR due to her hilarious video entry that won her the privileged spot to be a student.

2. Because I have to make sure her hair doesn't look a hot mess, she doesn't sound like a boy or "too southern" (not sure what "too southern is" but I like the southern accent personally - but gotta make sure the thousands of viewers from around the world know what the heck she's saying"

3. Jasmine Star.

4. J*'s infectious laugh, hand gestures & quotes. The girl's got jokes ya'll.

5. J*'s gracious free flow of invaluable information that is rolling off her tongue at 90mph leaving my brain reeling with the tidal wave of information - keep it coming girl!

6. CreativeLive is the coolest resource I have ever seen and such a unique venue.

7. A $99 workshop? seriously a steal. I feel like I have just stolen J*'s business secrets - via a magic wand called CreativeLive and am collecting them in my Pensieve forever Harry Potter style

8. It makes me feel like I can conquer the world. The energy, inspiration and ideas that I feel when listening are hard to contain and I know I will talk non-stop about J*, photography, ashley's first hand experience and my dreams to my friends, family and strangers in line at the DMV for the next few days...if they are lucky enough for me to cool it that early. "Who is J*? CreativeLive?What?! Seriously? Well let me tell you...."I feel like I am being let in on the biggest secret ever-the elusive top-notch seasoned photographers secret that I have been desperately searching for online in blogs, forums, countless books and with late night discussions with fellow photographers. The answers. The advice. The risks. The safe route. The Do's. The Dont's. The trial and error. The fact that there is no right or wrong way necessarily- simply take the resources and info you have been given to improve and do what works for you. Be you. Embrace you. And bring it.

9. Time is money. So is education. And education is something that you don't lose as no one can take it from you. I'm educating myself big time - hey this is 2 full days of my life that Im using to improve myself so I can serve my clients better - I should be compensated and shouldn't feel guilty about it . I must not let other people put a price tag on my work or dictate my focus. Stop being such a "Yes" person. Gotta work on that for sure.

10. I wholeheartedly believe in Paying it Forward. Sharing the love. What good is it to have a talent and hone a skill if you don't share it? I love love love to learn and although I may not be the best teacher I am always willing to do the best I can to share the knowledge. I feel so incredibly blessed and appreciative when people are willing to share and teach me with open conversation. Call me naive but I don't see photography as a competition and that you should keep secrets - its balance between business and art. There are so many different styles and perspectives and eyes so I think we should be a community to help each other. Jasmine & CreativeLive are that open conversation and the epitome of Paying it Forward. "We all succeed when one of us succeeds."

11. Did I mention Jasmine? how about CreativeLive? Man I love those folks!

12. I cried. Multiple times.

And the list goes on....Nevermind that this is a business workshop and there really is no need to WATCH (other than to be Ashley's spotter..and jot down the guidelines listed on the slideshow) because I can just LISTEN. And I'm gonna have the download to listen to over and over and over and over x 100 or more times, however I cannot seem to stop watching. I've actually had to convince myself to get up and grab a cup of coffee...then restroom break (I had to go for soooo long before I gave in, TMI but true), my eyes are burning and red & itchy from the glare of the computer, my stomach is growling, i'm tearing up as is everyone in class and the web...yet I ignore the physical ailments and continue to write as fast as Jasmine can speak, flipping page after page of notes...Ashley and I are going to have to have a lock-in weekend to share ideas, brainstorm, streamline, brand and figure out the future direction. Such a daunting and exciting task.

Oh WAIT! They just sang Happy Birthday and presented Ashley with a cupcake on today, her 26th birthday! WHAT a great gift. The workshop is the best gift ever - and it keeps on giving. Pay it forward & share the love people (yes Ashley, that's directed to you from me, although I know you will) And the self proclaimed "Jasmine Star Jets" just did a rendition of "We Will Rock You",  not to shabby guys & gals! Marshall's shout out to Ashley from Afghanistan was super duper as  well!

OH I am so ready to ROCK OUT our upcoming weddings! And re-brand and work on my website...whew!