Stop Should-ing Yourself.

Often times I find myself "should-ing" all over the place. heard right. "I should be blogging" or "I should really give Napoleon a bath". It's all of these obligations we give ourselves that take up space in our mind, keep us occupied in the past or present, never in the actual moment, and often times take all our hard earned money. "I really SHOULD buy this new bag...". No Ashley you should GET OFF AMAZON! Driving from a hot and sweaty yoga session this morning I passed through the mountainous range that divides part of O'ahu and through the heavy hanging rain clouds got a view of the waterfalls that sometimes make their way into the crevices between the peaks. I let all of the self devised obligations fall to the wayside as I took in the awe of this island and the beauty that surrounds me. No matter where I am I really should stop sometimes to enjoy it., shouldn't I? ;) A few snippets of Hawaii (Kaua'i + Oahu), that make me realize we really ARE #luckytolivehawaii. And that GECKO! He posed for me. ;)