Sunday Funday.

When Marshall and I first moved to the island, I was so overwhelmed with all the prospects of things to do that I couldn't contain myself.  Hiking, biking, snorkeling, boogie boarding (That's the Myrtle Beach way to say it.  It's known as "Body Boarding" around here. "Locals only, Gromlet").  My head was spinning in a tizzy and I had to find a way to do them all, hence Sunday Fundays. It's when I convince Marshall we should enjoy the island and I sweet talk him with promises of beer and a beach chair so I can get my tan on.  This Sunday we decided to take it easy and head out enjoy some sun.  Left for Marshall to decide, he goes and picks the beach that ALMOST TOOK MY LIFE (he doesn't think it's funny for me to joke about this...I do...although it's true and has scared me to death now, it's a rather funny story.)  Skeptical, I met him down at Makapu'u beach and watched from the battered shore as bodyboarders got pounded, not-so-silently rehashing MY near death experience. OOOOooooOOO.  OUCHHH.  OH MAN.  OhGOSHohGOSHohGOSH.  He just got HOUSED.  Oh no, do you think I should tell that man he shouldn't get in?  He clearly has no business being out there.  Gosh those waves are strong.  SO strong.  That current is STRONG. "It's what Ashley?" Strongggggg.  "Yeah, that's what I thought, but say it again just in case I missed it..." Marshall finally had to tell me to "just RELAX" and eventually I simmered.  Seeing him try for 20 minutes to get past the strong shore breaks to no avail didn't make me feel any better about the scenario.  As the waves came thundering down and more boards washed up on shore, I couldn't help but feel the adrenaline.  I may be scared of these waves now, but deep inside I want to conquer them.  Put some fins on, get out past the breaks and ride the giant, crushing waves.  Be strong. One day I will.  But that day, I was just focused on my tan.  I'm trying to get local status with it.

Always the positive one, I know my Makapu'u beach experience could have been worse.  That could have been ME hang gliding and instead of landing on a beach goer, I could have landed in those crazy waves.  Now THAT would be traumatizing.

And sidenote, Sandy Beach shown in this video is CRAY.  The most neck and back breaks happen out there, eek!

Beach day followed up with grilling mexican corn (our new fav!), fish tacos, cocktails and HBO shows (Game of Thrones is back on!). It's a peek into our lives together on the island. & who let me get into a bikini ON CAMERA? Motivation? Accomplished.