Surviving with Lemons + Lena Dunham

This morning the informative posts that would come naturally would be somewhere along the lines of  "How To Comfortably Sleep Well Past Your Alarm", "How To Get Down The Stairs After Tahitian Dance Class Without Breaking Your Neck", and "How to Not Survive But THRIVE in a Zombie Apocalypse with Lena Dunham" (as that was the reason I overslept...somehow all the canned food from the shopping cart in my dreams kept vanishing and I had to go back through the store a few times for supplies---I didn't even make it to the machetes before I woke up! Let it also be known I consciously avoided the cheese-its and scooped up bunches of fruit and veggies, hoping in my mind at least all the added chemicals and preservatives would keep them alive longer than usual...). So as sip my coffee and I contemplate how I would have made it through to the reinstating of the Walker-free world, I leave you with these less scary iPhone shots from the week:

A lazy puppy and a puppy with wedding photos stuck to his feet.  No need to thank me.

We all need a little time to contemplate our end of the world survival skills, right?  ;P