Surviving WPPI

Magnificent, brilliant lights adorn the evening sky. The sound of slot machines ching off in the distance.  The lure of $30 all you can eat buffets solicit your taste buds to sit down, stay all day.  Everyone is in flat boots and appears to have the latest and greatest camera gear. It's amazing.  It's expensive. It's overwhelming. It's unlike anything you've ever seen.  It's Vegas.  

WPPI is a whirlwind experience, full of enticing workshops and new people to meet, and if you let it, it will boggle your mind.  Last year was my first time visiting both WPPI AND Vegas, and considering I made it out alive after that trip, I figured I'd share some critical survival tips.




(Can I getta hand clap? HAHAH) On the real tip, how long is hair before it hits white trash status? Because I may be borderline...

A few helpful tidbits not mentioned:

-Starbucks in the signature gets packed, bring along some VIA brew.

-Don't just bring flats, bring broken in ones.  Dr. Scholl's fast flats tucked into your handbag are awesome when you want to wear heels but don't want to trek it out of the hotel in them.

-Speaking of handbags, large, loose ones make you target for pickpockets.  I had security in tradeshow stop me and tell me their cameras noticed how open my shoulder bag was and explained that Vegas tradeshows are target for local criminals.  Stick to small, compact bags.

-For heaven's sakes, make sure you don't leave your convention badge in your room.  The walk from the Signature to the classes is a DOOZIE!

-If you have time, set-up time to take photos of friends.  The MGM has these gorgeous glass windows that reflect the warm dessert sun, which makes for AWESOME shooting opportunities.

-Don't just do what all your friends are doing, step out of your comfort zone, do what YOU want to do, and head to a class alone!

-Plan to go balls to the wall.  For a few days, plan to wake up early and stay out late.  It's Vegas, baby, no time for spas or working out!  Maximize your time!


Now, who wants to meet up? xo