When it comes to me, I am notoriously diplomatic. Often times to a fault. I literally see all sides to a story (unless it's with my husband, then it's typically just my story, but that's a whole 'nother post...) and after presenting both viewpoints on a company I don't particular care for, a friend recently replied to me "Do you ever have an opinion on something or are you always just so nice?". I'm always the Switzerland.  Usually because I am able to put myself in other people's shoes and often because I have a big heart.  I never want to see others hurt.  Particular issues have been weighing on my heart a lot, but moreso the topic of "non-discussion", and always striving to be "politically correct".  And after both a conversation with a close friend the other night and Anderson Cooper's brave email, I decided to open my heart up and finally stand up tall for what I believe in: Human Rights.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, most people skirt the issue.  Just avoid it all together and take the "never talk about religion or politics" approach.  But I realized that by me not sharing my passion I was defeating the purpose.  What's the point in having a view on something if you're not willing to actually stand for it?  So it may be "taboo", or it may be a "professional death sentence", but to me it's about being a caring human being and simply saying I have a strong opinion when it comes to two things:  Helping the Homeless of America, and Gay Rights.  Because to me, it's not gay rights, it's human rights.  And it's not a sexuality or religious issue, it's a human issue and about loving one another.  I don't want to be the girl who is scared of other people's opinions so much that I keep my own locked down, and I am not out there picketing the political front lines, but it is important to me to put it out there that I care.  I am willing to stop being selfish and support others. I refuse to avoid the topic and say "well, I'm not gay so this doesn't effect me" because frankly, it has nothing to do with me but it has everything to do with other people.  I know damn good and well if I had a son or daughter who was homosexual I would love them uncoditionally and never, ever, ever want to see them hurt and do everything to ensure they had the same rights as every other citizen regardless of age, nationality, or religion.  So, to me, that love should be no different for our fellow human beings.


Whew!  Feels GOOD to put that out there!  I have a gigantic heart and have much love, respect, and appreciation for everyone, hence my passion for spreading the love.

My viewpoints are never meant to offend, and if you feel differently that me, I understand and respect that as I encourage you to open your mind and most importantly your heart to your fellow human beings.



And Anderson Cooper, you're still one good lookin' older man, boo.

(I feel like this should have a "God is Good.  Rev. Run.  sign off.  hahaha).