Talk Story

It has been said that while the average man speaks 7,000 words a day, the average woman belts out over 20,000 words a day.  If that is an average, THEN WHERE THE HECK DOES THAT LEAVE ME?!?!  If we've ever had a conversation, chances are, it wasn't a quickie.  I always find a need to fill you in on all the pertinent details.  Cell phones die on me. While a good back story is entertaining, even appreciated in the Hawaiian culture, sometimes all you need to do is be clear and concise.  Lay it all out and let someone else draw their own conclusions.  I've always known I was a talker, I like to call it VERBAL, but sometimes even I, the girl who gets held up in bathroom lines talking to strangers, could use some quiet time.  So today is a rarity in the Ashley Goodwin world and I'll let these few film images speak for themselves. Oh gosh.  This is harder than I thought.

Portra 160 film overexposed to 20 ISO.