Thailand Mission Trip: Donate

I've always been a free spirit, having it in my heart to always venture out, see the world, and connect with people of different places and cultures.  I just never in a million years thought it would be something I did for God.  Honestly over a year ago I would have doubted the idea that God wanted to send me there, and I certainly wouldn't have been in a lightness to have heard him.  But God surprises you like that sometimes, doesn't he?  Takes who you are, what you think, and your plans and spins them on their head, showing you your true self and purpose.  And man oh man oh man oh man, am I grateful for it! I am excited to be apart of Hope Chapel West O'ahu's Mission trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand July 18-29 2013 The group will be there to aid and assist the embedded pastors however they need us and while I am there I will also be serving as the trip's Photographer, holllerrrrrr.

To hear more about how I feel the Lord is calling me to Thailand for my first mission, my testimony:


Your financial contribute to help get the team together would mean the world, even a dollar. (and over $25 gets you a printed photo from the trip! Score!)

You can learn more and donate here:


Thailand Mission 2013 from Ashley Goodwin on Vimeo.

I have a little over a month to collect the funds, so although I am working solely on faith and no 'credit card back-up plan', but just know I am not opposed to straight begging.  ;) Wait, begging isn't faith either? Not even faith in my convincing puppy eyes? Fine, no heart wrenching pleas.

Please feel free to help get the message out and share, that scores you DOUBLE the love points with this girl!  xo