the good stuff.

It's no surprise I love champagne. Cham-pahg-nay Marshall says. Or, as Heather Dubrow fabulously dubbed it, champs. Maybe it's the celebratory feel, or the pop of a cork that never fails to get a party started, or that my husband oddly found himself nicknamed after the cocktail, but I love the bubbly stuff. I was even met a girl who was named Champagne. "Great name!" I congratulated. I hope she knew I was being totally serious, Marshall said he doubts it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, I'd be on a champagne diet if I could! But somebody's gotta work around here. Clearly I'm not the only one who has lots of great times celebrated with a glass of the good stuff. Thanks, champagne!

(this. is. my. favorite. From SNL and kinda not safe for work.)