The B Side Part 2: Getting the Girl

A few days ago I posted some tips about using Pinterest to "nail down" the type of client that I would work best with.  Having a visual board of my ideas was imperative to see who my target market was, but now I needed to quickly rustle up some business sense and design a plan to book those clients.  Here's a rough-draft of my brainstorming ideas, and maybe a few thoughts will help you narrow down where to put yourself the most: --Majority of my viewers are via links on the internet, mostly Facebook.  So, how does this coorolate to MY bride?  She’s a social networker so I plan to continue "talking" via facebook, twitter, and all digital avenues.  I want to establish trustworthy relationships via previous clients and establish a connection from the internet.

--She’s into latest trends, reading blogs, is planning (and PINNING!) her wedding full-time!  I plan to pin and blog/styled shoots,  like I did here.  Also, posts that relate AND reflect my tastes, what I can offer/bring to the table.  (Knowledge about BEING a bride, past experience, updates on trends, and an interior design-y touch, if they are interested).  An appreciation for the entire craft.

--She is exclusive, likes nice, unique things that aren't readily available.  So, even though it’s a great resource and local venue, I ex-nayed advertising with the local vendor cafe.  I want to build a fun personal relationship based on trust and I'd rather not have a bride find my business card mixed in a pile of other wedding photographer's products.

--That being said, I've also come to the conclusion of NO ADVERTISEMENTS.  I once considered a Facebook ad, since that targets local demographics, but no thank you.  Ever look to the right of your new feed?  Engaged?  Here’s an AD.  In Hawaii?  Here’s an AD.  But to me, they always seem cheesy and annoying.  A lot of things go through my head when I see wedding photographer ads, and they usually arent good thoughts (but then again, that's just ME!)

---INTERNET, INTERNET, INTERNET.  I won't be in Hawaii for forever. I need a stronger web pressence if want to attract beautiful destination weddings with Bride's that click with me (CLICK.  Get it?).  I realized If I am looking for a company and I can't find their website on Google, or worse, its a terrible/slow/never updated website, well, then the company's not legit (in my head).  And then if I OPEN the website and it takes FOREVER or JUST ISNT GOOD, well, then I really "x" it out quickly and never go back.  Sad, but true.  Even sadder?  My current website falls under some of these categories:  never updated and somewhat slow.  It doesn't showcase a BIT of my personality, other than with colors and photos, none of which distinguish me from the Photographer next door.

So I plan to head into the New Year with some great articles from Forbes and a better understanding of my client and how I want to network my business.  I will be toasting the New Year over my laptop, addressing the very first and most important in my business right now:  my WEBSITE! Is your website hindering you from growing?


A screenshot from my weak website.  Not only is the only "Ashley" touch on there a bio section, but it is FILLED with types of sessions I NO LONGER DO!  Oh heavens, it's worse than I thought...