the Barnhart's | Lanikai & Hickam Beach Hawai'i Photographer

She moved into the house next door when she was 12.  He was a little bit older, and she had a crush.  Just like in the movies, they'd take turns flickering flashlights into each other's windows late at night.  It took years growing up alongside each other until they were in their late teens to tell one another how they really felt. "Let's just get married" Ryan confessed to Sarah.

And so, they did!

Years have passed but their youthful love for one another has always shined bright.  They have three beautiful, talented, and the sweetest children around and their love for one another is palpable!  Their's truly is a happily ever after.

You can imagine the excitement I felt when I heard their story, I just had to photograph their family as they vacationed on O'ahu from Idaho! And naturally, tell everyone else I knew their story, too!  "You won't believe the story of the family I am about to shoot!  It's like, straight out of a movie!"

Barnharts--I can not tell you enough how much of an honor it spend time with you while you were in town.  Seeing the affection and beaming admiration everyone in your family has for one another was so inspiring!  SERIOUSLY!  I left your session noting to myself "THAT'S how I want my family to be".  You guys are amazing, truly a family unit.  I am thankful for the opportunity to meet you, laugh, and bribe everyone to run into the ocean fully clothed.  :)  xo