The Best Business Advice I've Ever Gotten

We all sat 'round a table, six photographers in celebration of Emily's baby shower, her fourth girl! #girlpower. We cooed over cute baby clothes and they shared stories of child rearing as I looked at them sideways, nearly traumatized. We giggled and mixed antics over brunch, connecting as friends who happen to be in the same business, flipping our hair around and complimenting one another's look. Just as the checks were signed I proudly propped down a giant pink box filled to the brim with dessert "the best cupcakes you've ever had I confidently declared". The women taste tested, absolutely agreeing that these were, in fact, heaven. Cookie Butter cupcakes?!? DUHH. WINNAH WINNAH. Then they proceeded to do the same thing friends had done the night before when I handed them the sugar filled treats--immediately looked the baker up on Instagram. I don't know why I was so shocked, after all half of us sitting at breakfast had recently had our hair done by the same stylist, referred by one another. In fact I had just sat in his chair again a few days prior, talking story about plans for his new salon and clever event ideas he was dreaming up. With my hair in foil I had softly suggested he get someone to handle his social media for him and he quickly shrugged the idea off, reminding me that was he had been doing was working just fine for him, why change it. And boy was he right, dude just markets via instagram and with 24 clients a day is nearly impossible to schedule an appointment with. Eating this truly legendary cupcakes bought out of a roaming food truck in Mililani (that I often track down) and flipping our fresh new blonde locks I noticed the words Kitt recently spoke to me were again ringing true. There is no secret to success. No gems in marketing.  Simply "do good work and people will talk about you". Being a walking billboard for flowy hair + beautiful cupcakes myself, I knew he couldn't be more true. #werk.


Cupcakes by Legendary Taste [Hair by Khietluu]. You make sure you let me know when you've become addicted to these delights + also have fabulous, glam hair, too! :)