the Bigger Picture: 2013

I've brought my notebooks everywhere, the blue and green triangle print one for our Marshall and I, and the 6th of my own personal black moleskin collection, in hopes I will find the perfect moment in time to transcribe our specific yearly goals. Each traveled to Kaua'i, out to a sunset, and are currently nestled on the coffee table below the ipad, 2013 noteless. And just when I thought I hadn't taken the time to do something important to help me reach my goals, I realized I had. I have actually been in the present. Feeling the rain against my skin in a jeep ride to Priceville. Chasing Kaua'i chickens across the road. Talkin' story around a fire. Opening my ears and hearing God (although I maybe don't always listen as I should...that's going in the notebook!) And taking in a remarkable westside sunset with Marshall.  I may not have found my true "purpose"  just yet, but I am committed to living in the present and enjoying every moment of life. So until I scribble my specific notes into forever for 2013--


big ups to the Photo Life for making me think real real hard and including me on this resolutions post!