the Experience & the Light.

If you think about it, what Patrick from Stillmotion said to me (via the video) really is true, most people don't see "good light". And sometimes even when people DO see it, it's hard to relay that into a great image. I mean, how many times have you been shooting with a prime in low-light without a flash and someone passing by has given you a quizzical (it's a word, just roll with it) stare and pronounced "HEY! You're taking that without a flash?!?!" or seen you at a park with your couple's backs to the sun and said "Are you getting that shot?!? The sun is BEHIND them!" (I witnessed this just the other day..AND I myself had a hard time getting a good shot with it!). I believe in explaining great lighting to clients so they know and understand how you work, but there comes a point when making it all about the lighting makes it less about them. Hence, to me, the importance of having a great understanding of lighting before you head out to a shoot (and being particular about your choice of words!). Part 1 of this two part video, inspired by Patrick (I can not thank him enough for his expertise!). Tomorrow's Part 2? Real time differences in lighting, with Marshall as my "subject". Rather entertaining, that's why it gets a video of it's own. You don't want to miss it. Bah. And this video may be a lot more convincing if I had my light right myself eh? It's so hard, the light in the volcano crater (where we live, no bullshit) changes CONSTANTLY!