The Googley eyes.

When Marshall and I first started dating, I distinctly remember sitting in the kitchen of his old college house surrounded by his family while he pounded his throwing hand into the center of his baseball glove, recounting an exciting detail from the game.  Somewhere in between his words, my eyes locked in, my heart skipped a beat, and I wouldn’t doubt it if I let out an audible sighhhhhh.  I was in love, and by the looks of my slightly tilted head, mushy brain, and puppy dog eyes, everyone else knew it as well.  Including his father, who’s smirked gaze snapped me back into reality and embarrassed the heck out of me.  I had just given his son the googely eyes.  CLEAR GOOGLEY EYES! As IF being fro Buckingham weren't already enough! My secret was out. As I look through images from my client’s sessions, I adore the cool artistic shots, and always always smile at a great, authentic laugh that comes from the soul, but no look is my favorite more (and sometimes elusive!) than the googley eyes.  Those love-struck peepers are my favorite.  A tell-tell sign of a girl in awe.  A look of admiration.  Appreciation.  Respect.  Lovey-dovey  “I have no idea what you are saying but dang you are good lookin’” eyes.   Every couple has a different expression to her (or his!) googley eyes, but I can spot them from a mile away and when I capture them, they are photo session gold.  Real, authentically captured love.  It usually happens when you least expect it and, like me with Marshall’s dad, think no one else is looking.  And to me, it doesn’t get any better than moments like that.


Some of my favorite googley eyes from past sessions:


I love the way Jill looks at Josh like this.  I have photographed them several times, so I have seen it happen before and THAT I love!

My sister Sarah has googley eyes of her own!  She may to try keep them under wraps around her little sister,  but I know better!  Can't fool me, you're a fool in love!

One may think that this is Sara's "love struck" look toward Thomas....

But I'm pretty sure this is it.  He was standing just outside the frame.  ;)

Ladies aren't the only ones who carry their hearts on their sleeves!  I adore this look of wonder Drew is giving his new bride Lauren.  It's la la la love!


And if you want a peek into what I have recently noted are MY googley eyes (I couldn't believe it when I saw it!!), check out the beginning of this video and tell me if you can spot them!  If you know me well, I bet you can!