The Importance of Taking Time Off

  Like the wind, my tastes are constantly swaying.  The of-the-moment things I adore forever evolving, and my personal as well as professional style constantly developing.  Whenever I feel my creative spark dimming, I know it's time for a mini break--some time to relax my mind + renew my spirit.  And that's EXACTLY what this holiday season did for me.  Last December I had my hustle on, booking, shooting, and emailing my way starting from Halloween and well past New Years.  I was so hell bent and determined to keep business trucking that I worked my way through the most wonderful timeeeeee of the yearrrrrrr.  (Now Christmas tunes are stuck back in your head, huh?  You're welcome).  Once I hit Febuary of 2013 popped my head up from my giant Mac screen to look back, wondering where the days had sulked off to, I swore I would never bog myself down with work and 'to dos' during Christmas.  Blocking the month of December off (with the exception of a few film shoots) was one of the first of many steps to take control of my photography business, my life, and lay down the law on my work related ideals.  Instead of editing I culling, there was the stark change of going Christmas shopping with Marshall.  And trimming the tree.  Toasting champagne.  And a few late nights spent competing with my husband for the best gingerbread man (he's upped his icing skills, yo!).  Sure, leaving my office door closed was hard at first, felt wrong even, like I wasn't working enough, wasn't trying hard enough, that people (fine, I will be real honest and just say other photographers) would think I didn't care about work, but truth be told that's not what they're thinking at all.  And well, if it IS so and I am missed the memo, well I'm starting a new trend!  The past two weeks of simply kicking' it and enjoying life have been amazing.  Worthwhile.   And waking up this Monday giddy, inspired, full of ideas and READY to answer emails (yes, EMAILS!), I know stepping away from the calendar and into the sun was just what I needed to start the year off with fresh eyes and a bright new perspective.

A compilation of a few things I've been dreaming of lately...



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