the Mamiya & the light meter.

The super sweet Alisa Greig let me borrow her Mamiya 645 for a few days (and a light meter! AND some FILM! WHATTA CHAMP!) and I documented me pretending to know what I was doing with it. :) I am debating between the Mamiya & the Contax (both medium format cameras) and wanted to test the two out. Once I borrow the Contax I am going to shoot them both side by side and do a comparison, but for now I was just playing around! I have never used a light meter in my life (but I think I may love them!) so, if you know I am doing it wrong, please tell me (however there are lots of ways to meter I hear!). Learning learning always learning. I'll post the shots soon! Sidenote: I was going for "beachy wavy" hair but here it just looks....terrible. As does my waistline. That's why I've printed out the base gym scheduling and am going to YOGA AND ZUMBA! Holllllaaaaa! :) Thank you Marissa for the video! Love you mucho!