the Mckellop Family | Ko'Olina, O'ahu Hawai'i Photographer

So you may be saying "But Ashley, I thought you only shoot couples and weddings..."  and in fact, this is true, there is another fact in this sentence:  when there is a couple this laid-back and cool (who doesn't love cool peeps?) and a BABY THIS * expletive* CUTE, I don't need much persuading.  I mean, really.  LOOK AT THAT CUTE BABY.  There is no way I could ever say no to those two teeth!  ;)  The McKellops are a Navy family originally from Arizona, so when Sara contacted me about photographing her and her boys (and pups!) in their Hawai'ian digs, I was honored.  The chance to spend a few years living on this island is a blessing to most, so the fact that she wanted some relaxed, carefree, lifestyle images to honestly and meaningfully document their backyard, pack of dogs, and time here on O'ahu made me beyond happy.  Sara & Brandon met in Arizona and together traveled to South Carolina where they were stationed on the coast (don't you know I love the Palmetto state?!?!) before shipping off to Hawai'i.  Their handsome son Colby is smiley and bright, hamming it up busy being cute and well-behaved!  The company they enjoy most is each other's, so there were no better places to reflect their laid back personalities than their home and the beaches they frequent the most at Ko'Olina--all Sara's recommendations! They laughed, chased, and played, enjoying themselves along the shoreline while I (somewhat) quietly observed and captured their everyday.  It feels amazing to show up and just shoot as if you are a part of the family.  When we were leaving, Sara turned to me and said "I read your blog post on making friends as an adult..." and right then and there I wanted to scream what I was secretly hoping she was leading into... YOU WANT TO BE MY NEW FRIEND??!!!!!!  Stop mentally jumping up and down and get yourself together, Ashley.

Sara and Brandon and that toothy little Colby,  I mean it when I say it was an honor and a pleasure to photograph your family.  Thank you for warmly welcoming me into your home, wrangling your dogs to sit for my camera, and spending an evening roaming the beaches barefoot with me.  I am thankful to meet such down-to-earth, youthful, and fun people on the island and excitedly accept the offer to watch football and drink beer.  Okay, our men can do that.  Sara we can paint our nails...while we drink beer.


Brandon works on a submarine and it isn't rare for him to spend several month long deployments out on them.  For that reason this pulls at my heart strings.

What a good lookin' couple!  Sara has got it goin' ON!

Where was Colby while I shot those, you ask?  Man, you ask a lot of questions!  But, since you ask, it wasn't a magic trick, I WAS HOLDING HIM! Pretty proud of that one.  #multitasking

Since I like to shoot as the eye would naturally see things, I go sans flash on shoots and silohuette shots are how I capture the sunset.  When I sent this shot to Sara I said "Simba Baby!" and she said "OMG that is what we call Colby all the time!".  Yeah, I'm good like that.  ;)

The couple plans to head back to South Carolina once their trek on the islands is over.  In honor of the Palmetto state: