The Only Bikini You'll Ever Need.

Fall is approaching, the leaves in most places are morphing into brilliant hues, and people are shopping for Frye boots, pumpkin spice lattes in hand.  All the while I am over here, turning on my seat warmers with the windows rolled down on a "cool 75 degree night", shopping for "fall-ish" bikinis.


Ha!  We won't live here forever, so I am soaking it up while I can!  Perusing my favoritest favoritest bikini shop, Vix Swimwear, I stumbled upon my new favorite bikini bottom.  Ladies, get ready for this one:  the Sash.  Vix suits are the only bikinis I buy, they are quality made, highly detailed, different than most you see, can always be coordinated to mix and match, and best of all, they are flattering!  LET THE HEAVENS REJOICE.  The Bia style bottoms have always been a go-to of mine, but when I got the new Sash bottoms in the mail, I died.  DIED.  DIED!!!!!!!!!  The cut is moderate/skimpy (I always go brazilian, makes your butt look better!  Trust me!  The MORE fabric on your behind, the wider it looks! ) These are more of an american style brazilian cut, not Brasil "I think you forgot your britches" type and the sides are made from a wide, sheer-ish, and stretchy fabric that is the perfect comfortable no-digging into my muffin top hips material.  I'll take every color you've got, thankyouverymuch.  Now, what have you got for slimmer legs, a bigger bust, and six pack abs?

I feel like I sound OOoo Emmm Geeeeee like, totally girlieeee talking bikinis on a blog, but it's a revolution in swimsuits that is just too good not to share!  That Paula Hermanny knows what she is doing!  So when you head out on your winter cruise, order a Vix and holler atcha girl.  Maybe send them a short and sweet email telling them they should pay me for this.  Or a gift card will do. ;)

And since I am a huge fan of side notes, here is one:  this image was taken on my favorite beach by a favorite friend, Marissa Rodriguez.  For some reason I never officially posted any of these images, which is ridiculous because I loved them ALL (and I am in my SWIMSUIT (Vix, of course!)--that speaks VOLUMES about Marissa's work!), so I am sharing one here.  And reminding myself that I could use a day at the beach, I am currently way too white to live on an island.