The photos worth framing.

I once heard another photographer say "if you'd frame it and hang it on your own wall, blog it".  As a child I'll always remember walking the path to my Mommalou's, climbing high into the light dappled trees scattered througout her front yard.  The way the metal front door to her brick house clangs as it widely swings open.  Picking daffodils from the mix of her well tended flower beds kept by my Uncle Billy.  The way Mommalou would shoo us from behind the mesh door frame when we brought company, covering her mouth saying she's 'in her house coat'.  Our babies, Napoleon and Leo, claiming their territory on the sofa, pillows, laundry, whatever they can find, forever in need of a haircut.  The giant wooden table I proudly made and drug into the dining room without one ounce of help (Pinterest doesn't count).  The time I cut branches off our neighbor's tree at one o'clock in the morning to decorate our Thanksgiving table...and she caught me.  Going all out for the holidays in 2013 and the piney smell of our very first real live Christmas tree.  The moments that turned into days, and the little things I realized I never want to forget.  These are the photos worth framing.   All images shot on film with a Contax 645 + Fuji 400h