The waiting game.

I judge things on how they make me feel. My gut instinct response to whether or not something evokes a memory, a dream, or a life-long fantasy of mine. The look. The atmosphere. The way the light settles. All apart of a creative eye I suppose but for me, it's how I make decisions. Sure, there's logic involved, but when it comes down to it, I base my life off emotion more so than technicality. Afraid of the mediocre, never wanting to settle for anything less than amazing. Why should we? I live my life based moments and want all of them to count. If I can capture or control how my day shapes out, I want it to be the best possible every time. We only have once to live these lives. Why settle for less? Why weigh our days down with the bland? Even if it means taking a risk, I'm willing to wait for that perfect moment to form. Live every day like you only have one. It may not turn out technically perfect, but you'll love everything you encounter. You'll be proud and appreciate it more because you waited for just the right moment.

The same theory goes for film:

We are house hunting and let me tell you it is not fun. Marshall and I clearly have different living ideals and throw the Army into the mix and you've got some serious stressors. Hopefully we'll sign a peace treaty soon and be able to start unpacking! Until then, I'll be with the Malibu...rum.