The warm and fuzzies.

I sat in the passenger seat, cruising our way to the North Shore.  Pen in hand, I read aloud the series of questions as if it were a Cosmo quiz.  Marshall and I bantered and poked, guessing each other's answers before we could respond ourselves, disagreeing with each other's personal picks.  We were taking the "Five Love Languages" quiz and uncovering a depth of knowledge about one another along the pavement and rolling mountains of the H-3. As I tallied the scores, I proclaimed "you scored highest on Acts of Service, and lowest on Positive Affirmation.  I scored a NINE on positive affirmation, that's like, the highest you can score on ANY of these..."  I was intrigued by this new nugget of info about myself  and as a movie montage of past experiences leading up to this moment dramatically reeled through my brain, my screenplay in action where I was played by Rachel Bilson and I had just figured out my entire childhood and was now ready to conquer the world came to a screeching halt with

"Well I could'a told you that."

Later we fell into fits of laughter when we pointed out that we were a textbook marriage, two opposites attracted.  Me, needing positive reinforcement through acknowledgement and loads of "good job, boo"s and Marshall, well, he simply doesn't need anyone to tell him he's good, he already knows that.  He just needs me to take the trash out every once in a while.  To him, that's love.

Just as my husband congratulating me that I finally remembered to change the load of laundry, having "internet high-fives" across the web makes me feel warm and furry inside.  Wait, no, fuzzy.  Furry would be odd.  So thank you, Le Magnifique, for the shout out on your blog of the Top 15 Wedding Photographers to watch for in 2013.  I'm humbled to be in such amazing freaking company (I mean, for real!  I NEED TO STEP MY GAME UP!) and for a girl who needs a solid pat on the back every hour on the hour, that's enough to make me feel confident and proud for like, a whole month!  ;)  I've always wanted to be top something.  Top of my class, Top Designer, Top Chef, Top Hat, Top of the World.  THANK YOU for making it happen!

Happy to be reppin' O'ahu!  Go check out the other photographers in your area and give them some love.