The Wheels On the Bus.

In three weeks time I have somehow managed to travel from Phoenix to Dallas and all the way up the east coast, today winding up in Boston. I say somehow because I really haven't stopped to think about it all.  This giant tour bus has begun to feel "homey" and I've started to miss the folks who inhabit it on weekends I'm not around them.  I am incredibly honored to be apart of such a fun and interesting (to say the least.  Try figuring out where to park a tour bus in New York city!  Or showering on a moving one!) adventure for obvious reasons:  I love Jasmine & her thoughts about the "industry".  She and J.D. are seriously the most genuine, authentic and generous people I know so I can't describe how thankful I am to be apart of such an amazing team.  But, more importantly, this trek has given me the opportunity to see friends and family (and online friends!) that I otherwise wouldn't have  (given I now live in Oahu!).  I've had a friend in almost every stop and if I don't have one, I'll try to make one!

Thank you to my friends and family for coming out to different stops and seeing me.  I can never tell you how much your support means.  (Mom, Sarah, Del, and Rebecca all drove for hours to our D.C. stop!).  Seeing my best friends after 4 months really got my reflecting on the people I have in my life and how grateful I am. My long time friend Marella Mata got the team an amazing Venezuelan dinner in Miami and let me take advantage of a real live shower while in town.  Cat was, as usual, my New York City tour guide this past weekend and was as fun as can be, per us. Alicia was an amazing help in Atlanta and seeing Carrie Joy, Dani Almond and several other blog folks in PERSON was the icing on the cake!!  I even got to see Ashley & Jen again! Long time no see! And Laura Fulmer in ATL!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around waking up in new cities, all the fun people I've met, and the crazy man in the window across from our New York venue who was walking around in his underwear (ohhh New York!). I miss my husband, of course, and am excited to get back to him and our island in 9 days but I love where we've traveled in three weeks time.  And I'm thankful.


Since I'm still shooting film (got a few more rolls while in the city!), here are some Iphone shots from Miami to Nashville to Atlanta and New York!  And me, trying to figure out how to work my new Polaroid camera!