Thirty. | Rebecca, the Modern Honolulu

I met her in highschool when the only radio she had in her Saturn was a small tattered boombox with a stack of Christian CDs perched in the backseat. Who was this girl?  She was the older sister to one of my middle school friends, and amidst long Friday nights soliciting the small town parking lots, our friendship rapidly grew into the ages.  A passionate, creative, romantic soul at heart, Rebecca and I have seen each other through and through.  From secretly calling to get each other early dismissals from school (I am pretty sure they changed the rules because of us, and I am also pretty sure this is the first our parents have known of such trickery) to visiting each other in college and new cities, I had the utmost privilege celebrate Rebecca's 30th birthday alongside her with a solid Hawaiian "tour".  30!  THIRTY!  THIR.TY.  It's hard to believe it has been so many years since we spent one of our first nights long nights at the Rocks, staring up into the vast sky, making up new versions of songs, and talking until there was nothing left to say (a true rarity in our world).  A photographer, a journalist, and upcoming novelist (yeah, I said it!), I am fortunate to have a friendship with Rebecca unlike any other. After years of friendship while we know each other's quirks, share similar opinions, and openly hash over our differences, the coldplay singing preacher's daughter and I are a lot more similar than I originally ever could have imagined, and I am forever grateful to have her in my life.  And moreso honored that she made the hellacious flights over journey to spend her 30th birthday with us on O'ahu!  Officially the first "Ashley Friend" to come visit, woohoo!  The older we get, the younger we both feel.  Things change, but lucky for us they always manage to stay the same.  

Love ya, Tater!

For Becca's birthday, we started the evening off with drinks and fireworks via the Modern in Honolulu.  Since I love that place oh so much (it feels like Nikki Beach in South Beach, which I can't get enough of), we headed back for happy hour  and gorgeous light a few days later, talked loudly, got caught in the rain, and geeked out like only photographers do.

Becca got these shots of me which I love.  I can typically be found one of two of these ways: laughing loudly or kickin' it with a cocktail in hand.  If it's both, well then you know it's a good time--grab a seat!  She said "I'm going to get all Ashley with it and shoot through this umbrella".  I could only hope my style was half as cool as you made it look, girlfriend!