This, That + Donuts.

-I love music mash-ups and crazy beat mixes.

-Books books books, I love getting lost in books! My iPad is overflowing with things to read, I just can't get enough (or get through them all for that matter!). Oddly enough, I find myself missing the paper 'kine once in a while...

-I consistently accumulate wayyy too many Sephora VIB points.  Wayyyyyy too many.

-I prefer plastic cups and fancy hotels.

-If our dogs have great hair, rest assured you've caught us on a good day.

-I've become obsessed with workouts by Lyzabeth Lopez, but mainly getting that booty!

-Scavenging thrift shops for old Hawai'i photographs and sweetly written vintage postcards is kinda my new thing...and extremely therapeautic.

-illy coffee has changed my mornings. Buh BYE, Starbucks (who am I kidding...'till we meet again..."!)

-Only one class of tahitian down and I am determined to go pro status. Determined.

-T-shirts and cutoffs. 'Round here, it's all I know. I hope I'm not loosing my style.

-Brilliant patterns + color makes my life go 'round.

-I can't stop dreaming of the perfect neon sign.

-I become deeply invested in those I love. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

-Sometimes I'd swear I was nine years old. Especially while on my bicycle with polka dot back-pack.

-I'm a giver and will happily help however I can. Just don't expect to get my last donut.


[Contax 645 + Fuji 400h]

(funny side note: I bought two bags of the above chocolates for client packaging. After slyly giving Marshall one, he curiously asked "where did you get THIS?!??!" Naturally I would't tell because I knew they'd vanish without a trace.  Weeks (and several more single chocolates) later he entered my office and noticed the shiny bag uncovered on the shelf. "HEREEEEEEEE  are the TREATS!  You've been HIDING them!".  HAHAHAHA.  Yes honey, I certainly was.)