"It's Allooohaaaa Fridayyyyyy, no work 'til Monnndayyyyy....".

Just kidding. Lots of weekend work 'round these parts! Yesterday I spent my lunch hour with a friend and fellow photographer Crystal where we discussed hunkering down and getting work done, what success meant to us, nailing down how much 'Hype' is just enough (whatever that could be), easily seeing each other's issues but saying "now why can't I do this for myself?!?!" and discussing the perfect tone of ombre. Having friends in the industry you adore and trust is key to growing ideas stronger, knocking out weaknesses, and unlocking desires and gifts you didn't even realize you had. Being around other Creatives is where I thrive, I love sharing, connecting and brainstorming with like-minded peers over lattes. Surround yourself with people who make your heart soar. Here's hoping no matter where you are your weekend is already off to a great start, full of relaxation, inspiration, friends + most of all LOVE!  And maybe an umbrella drink or three. xo