Time for Dreaming.

The islands of Hawai'i are, undoubtably, transitional.  It's exciting when you meet someone born and raised here, and even then they've had their own stint of time living off the islands.  People are always dreaming of moving to paradise or packing up and heading to the mainland (military or not).  In the poignant thoughts of my friend Danica, Hawai'i seems to be a 'refuge for the lost' (who happens to be moving to San Diego herself this Summer!).  I had to admit, when we first landed I myself was wondering exaclty where I was headed.  Just starting over with my business--clueless on where to even begin.  Marshall was my only friend (hahaah, awww, that sounds so saddddd), and I was certainly separated from my relationship with God. While I am a person who knows without a doubt that you wind up exactly where you are supposed to be, I have come to release my tight grip on controlling things.  No longer let the 'what ifs' of the military taunt me and my business dreams, and have found everlasting comfort within myself, my marriage, and Jesus, because I know that wherever we head to next is for a reason.  As I know getting accustomed in our earthly means is never something we should allow, because we start to live a life of comfort in visual stability, not faith in God.  Even knowing this, there is something so warming about heading to the ever so popular Honolulu Night Market and finally running into a slew of people that I know.  Or driving the streets downtown from memory and not GPS.  And finding a home in Inspire Church.  Or sharing dreams with a fellow creative who has turned friend and feeling like you're both on the brink of something big.  I felt like these people I was delving into stronger relationships with and the sense of ease I was finding on the island had to mean something.  That this wouldn't start to happen just one year before we moved off-island after our military orders were up + shipped somewhere else.  It was just starting to get real good here. After a lot of prayer and a leap of faith, this past week Marshall decided to reenlist in the military--resulting in us staying on O'ahu at least until November 2015.  TWO MORE YEARS IN PARADISE, baby!  We both couldn't be any happier.

Let's do this.

(You thought I was gonna say we were having a baby, didn't you? We've already got two! Tricked youuuuuu.)