Today's the Day. theFIX, Day 1.

The bus is officially moving, the team is getting settled in, and we are headed to Phoenix for the first night of Jasmine Star's theFIX. Holy smokes. I'm so excited, incredibly nervous (I had to stand ON STAGE!), and honored for the opportunity.  I made sure to take an extra long shower this morning at the Watson's home before we left, as it could quite possibly be my last long, luxurious bathing experience for a month.  So if you see me and my legs are growing like a chia pet, YOU WILL KNOW WHY! Phoenix, we are SO PUMPED to have you guys as our first stop and, if you head out to the show and witness my cheeseball-ness, please humor me and LAUGH!  At least a little.  ;)  Thank you to the Watson's and Aaron and Kylie for hosting all of us in Arizona this weekend before the start of the tour.  We are SO grateful for your hospitality.  The support and reassurance from my family, friends, and J*Jets has been so comforting.  Big ups to you guys x 100 for your vote of confidence that I won't vom everywhere.  :)

Hereeeeeee we go!  WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!?!??!