Trash Treasure.

I don't know about where you come from, but where I come from, people don't just leave their junk on the curb.  Or not even junk, perfectly fabulous stuff.  Like unopened packs of batteries.  Or sofas.  Or stacks of books. Or mattresses.  That's where I draw the line.  There's a "bulk pick up" garbage truck that roams the neighborhood once a month or so, and is something that has perked my interest, made me divulge into some ingenuity, and downright made me potential hoarder status.  HOARD-ER.    Being that this is nothing I had ever seen before, I am always inclined to stop and check out whatever people are leaving for the picking, thinking about how I can turn this free item into stylish pirate booty.  That made absolutely no sense.  Picking up lamps off the side of the curb to spray paint (silver.  Then gold, then maybeeee hot pink...) may make me look like a crazy, but even WORSE, confirms I am every bit of my mother.  ;)  (I love you momma, I do!)  Give that woman a can of spray paint and she will rule the world.  One man's trash is another woman's Pinterest project.  Hawai'i's lack of "vintage" has made me desperate for curbside deals and craigslist freebies that just need some nailhead trim and a little love.  ;) I posted about visiting Reuse Hawai'i a few days ago and all of the potential DIY fabulousness for brides there, then stumbled across from AWESOME images for you visual learners.  Check out the layered doors as a ceremony backdrop!

Making liquour bottles fancy and painting chair legs after work.  Photo from the day.