[Twins!] Emilee & Rich

When I first met Emilee, I turned to our mutual friend Aaron and said, "She is fun and pretty and I want to take photos of her and be her friend."  Aware of the creepiness that could come with such a statement, I quickly followed my blantantly honest (and possibly a little tipsy) comment with a "Oh gosh.  Please don't tell her I said that.....". Naturally, he told her I said that.

Lucky for me, she was even cooler than I thought and didn't think I was a creep....I guess.  ;)

Several months later my potential BFF 4 lyfe moved from Charlotte to Wilmington (Did I reclaim my creep status?).  We had tried to plan several shoots when finally, the day came!  Not only did Emilee get engaged to Rich, a sweet and handsome gentlemen (who proposed with an awesome and untraditional ring. LOVE.) but they were expecting not one but TWO babies!  Yes, she is pregnant with twins in these images.  Yes, it is completely and utterly unheard of that someone still look so stunning and comfortable and SKINNY carrying double!  But it's okay, she is so happy and sweet, so we forgive her.  We scheduled the shoot in Mooresville at Emilee's family's home (who were so kind and gracious, her mom was a huge help with those petals!) and wandered around the backyard golf course to get these casual shots.  Emilee and Rich had their adorable and healthy baby boys Kai and Avett on Thanksgiving day. There is truly no doubt in my mind that they will be the best parents ever.  Their love for each other and joy for their boys just radiates.  Congrats, Emilee & Rich, on a wonderful engagement and a gorgeous family!  So much to be thankful for!