This afternoon I left Vegas and WPPI (more on that crazy fun trip & speakers recap later!) and caught a ride to Phoenix on the Showit United tour bus to start Jasmine's theFIX.  Just when I thought I had everything set and ready to go, I find myself wide awake late-night style, still organizing hotel rooms and finding ways to print last minute parking permits, all while trying to get to know the local crew.  It's a lot to take in I'll admit, especially after coming from such a stimulating trip to the convention in attendance with 15,000 other photographers, inspiring industry professionals, awesome blog readers, homies, splits of champagne and the lure of the strip's gleaming lights keeping you wide awake at night...all ending with the most emotional ELOPEMENT! Shew!

I know that in a few days after I get settled into my bunk and fall into the groove of things my swirling brain will have a chance to decompress and I'll be in heaven, but right now everything's a little uncomfortable.  Or hard to fathom. Possibly intimidating with a touch of homesick.  Definitely outside of my comfort zone, which is what is shaking up my head the most.  But if I've learned one thing from my successful peers, it's this:  nothing bold ever came from being comfortable.  There's growth in change, and I plan to embrace it. For the next month, at least.  Here's hoping I will be caught up on my lacking sleep by then!  ;)

Once I get home I will have to buy and frame this print as a reminder: