Unusually Quiet

I've been quiet lately, and that's unusual for me.  Except for my acupuncture appointment, while getting poked and prodded with pins the size of cat whiskers I anxiously relayed as many symptoms as possible "OH!  And my memory!  It tends to be terrible!  I can hardly remember what I did the day before yeste-" "Uh-huh, got it." she calmly interjected my story.  Stop talking and just relax.  Got it.

That's kind of like what I've been doing lately.  If we worked side by side in cubicles you'd be poking your head over asking for your stapler   being nosey  wondering if everything was okay to find me humming my famed 'concentration hum" and working like a hummingbird.  They work hard, right?  But you're over there, and I'm over here and thank heavens our workspaces are much prettier and my only coworkers are ones that bark.  So I'll just tell you, that's what I've been doing.  In the wise words of my great friend and stylish photographer Jasmine, I've been putting my head down and doing the work.  Waking up and tending early morning emails. Rearranging my work schedule to fit in a mid-morning Crossfit workout (been loving it, btw).  Shooting, editing, and creating the afternoon away, hopefully trying to fold clothes somewhere in the mix, but usually just picking my clean yoga pants out of the unkempt laundry basket.  Taking time out of every morning to spend time with God and send a little prayer up of thanks.  Less thinking, more doing.  Actions speak louder than words, and I am thrilled to be at a place where I have the opportunity to design a more efficient workflow because there's work to flow, grateful to order sample albums for clients because I believe in tangible memories with all my heart, and seriously blown away that my dream is coming to life, things are going.  Something that seemed so far away just a year and a half before has been breathed new life.   The hard work fueled by salty tears are paying off this one woman act has morphed into a One Woman Business.  I by no means have all my workflow ducks in a row, but I am getting there, and in the mean time I'm just puttin' in work.

My friend Malia Cano hosted an event for her newly acquired business Chair Cover Express and I was so happy to head out to support a woman who has been a huge driving force behind my island success.  It was rewarding to check out her gorgeous space (and even more fun throwing my two cents in!) and shooting all the pretty little details!  Just a snipped of a shot, florals by Avery of Green.