Clear Skies.

Taking a minute to blog from lord knows how high in the sky (and in the middle seat, might I add...) not because I have anything particularly interesting that I just can't wait to spit out, but really, well, really just because I can thanks to Go Go Inflight!  I am headed to Seattle, W.A. to be a student at Jasmine Star's Creative Live workshop and didn't sleep a WINK last night.  Truly.  I didn't even bother.  I had to be at the airport at 5:30 A.M. and I knew an attempt at shut eye was a lost cause.  Not to mention I had to sit down and really focus on packing. Focus, Ashley, focus. My entire closet wouldn't fit in my carry on so precision edits were required.

So I'm on this packed plane, not too far away from my destination I would imagine, thousands of miles in the air, feeling like my photography business has been in the same place  as I am right now:  up in the air.  Hopefully this trip, workshop, and experience helps get my head out of the clouds.

And if you have time, totally tune into Jasmine's awesomeness!  Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th streaming live (and free!) on Creative Live's website! (and if you can't get it live, they show re-watches the same day.  OR you can shell out the cash, support creative education and purchase a download of her tips!) If not for anything else, watch to have my back...I need someone out there letting me know if I sound dumb.  Or my hair is a hot mess.