Video Tutorial Gone Wrong.

Just like shooting film, when it comes to my videos things can go beautifully with smooth bokeh and pastel colors or things can go horribly awry, leading me wildly off topic and rambling up a storm---to myself, of course. Just because you do your hair doesn't mean you should make a video.  Add it to "Things I Learned the Hard Way".   I plan to step UP my  video game (and film shooting duh) and share more of the trials, conquers, and pitfalls (monnnaaayyyyyyy) to the fine art medium.  Today just wasn't the day.  If you need a good laugh or, oh, I don't know, something to make you feel better about yourself, well then here ya go.

The one time I tried to make a video tutorial off the fly.  This is real life, people. At least my hair looks good.


Got any videos you'd like to see? Questions to answer? Jokes for me to tell? Holler and let me know!